Celta Moore
Celta Moore, M.A.
Georgia Christian Counselor & Therapist
Board Certified
(GA. Lic. #04151659)

Private and Confidential
Modes of Psychotherapy
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On Intimacy With God

My Professional Approach

I have training in many orientations to therapy: Individual, Couples, Short Term, as well as Depth Psychology, which works toward bringing closure to current problems, by increasing awareness of unresolved issues from the past that are casting a shadow over our present relationships and circumstances. I also have training working in the Here and Now problem solving. The emphasis is on current life situations, transitions, dilemmas, relationships, and how a particular belief structure affects one's perception of the world.

In addition, I have training in Christian Counseling. Why on earth would a Christian need to see a therapist? Good question. While being forgiven heals our spiritual relationship with God, this does not necessarily heal our relationship with ourselves or with one another. And, of course, though forgiven, we are still free to make choices that can cause us unnecessary problems and regret. This is very often the case.

Also, consider that one of the names that Jesus is given is Counselor. Why would Jesus be given the name Counselor? King of Kings, sure. Wonderful, of course. Prince of Peace, absolutely. Teacher, yes. And, Counselor...

We are instructed to become like Jesus. He teaches, comforts, and counsels us continually through His Word. Counselor is one of those roles we are to incorporate into our lives. Parents counsel children; siblings and friends counsel one another. Sometimes, however, Christians also need an objective counselor. That would be someone like me.

The relationship with the Counselor is very important; it serves as a vehicle for the client to understand how they have learned to relate to others, within the varying areas of their life. While immediate progress can usually be observed early in the therapy, deeper growth and change take time. Change or shifts may begin in the heart and then outward change develops according to each person's unique potential.

The approach I use in the counseling setting is tailored to each client's presenting needs and objectives.